Willie’s Cacao Indonesian 69% Dark Chocolate

Willie's Delectable Cacao Indonesian 69% - photo by Lee McCoy

(photo by Lee McCoy)

According to Willie’s: “Delectable single estate cacao, with soft caramel notes. This Javan Light Breaking bean stopped me in my tracks. It’s an adventure in taste, with its criolle characteristics and rich caramel and toffee flavours born in the volcanic soils of Surabaya. That’s why I make my chocolate from ‘bean to bar’, to capture the mind-blowingly different flavours from the great cacao regions of the world.”

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, Cuban raw cane sugar.

Willie’s Delectable Cacao Indonesian 69% reviews


“In fact ‘odd’ is about the best description of this chocolate. From the tangy aroma to the burnt sugar taste that dominated the whole experience, I found myself asking if i would actually buy this to enjoy at home, and the answer was ‘almost certainly not’.”

(Simon Michalak)

Chocolate Reviews

“The joyful part of this bar is that each and every nibble seems to be different (…)”

(Lee McCoy)

Mostly About Chocolate (as one of five bars mentioned)

Seventy Percent (it was reviewed, but the link is inactive at the moment)


Reviews in German: 

Chclt.net (89/100)


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