Valrhona Tanariva Milk Chocolate

Valrhona Tanariva Milk Chocolate Bar - photo by Chocolate Society

(photo by The Chocolate Society –

According to Valrhona: “Soft & Caramely. Pure Madagascar. Balanced acidity softened by distinctive milk and caramel notes.” (source)

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa beans from Madagascar, dried skimmed milk, natural vanilla extract, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural vanilla flavour.


Valrhona Tanariva reviews:


The Chocolate Review

“Quite possibly the best milk chocolate bar I’ve ever had” (Terry)

Chocolates I have known

“Tanariva is really, really good milk chocolate. The box, as you can see, says “doux & caramelise,” and this chocolate really has a caramelized edge to it, moreso than other good milk bars I’ve had in the past.” (Helen Goodman)

The Food Buster

“As for taste, it’s one of those bars that almost can’t be beaten. It’s so creamy and so milky that it is an absolute pleasure. ” (Edmund)


“Definitely good for people looking to start experiencing finer chocolates but are only used to sweet commercial products.” (Anne)

Seventy Percent

“There is simply no other milk chocolate like it in its class, and even if it doesn’t compete against, say, Cluizel’s Mangaro, it doesn’t have to: this is the chocolate of choice in the low-percentage category.” (Alex Rast)

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