Rogue Chocolatier Rio Caribe 70% Dark Chocolate

Rogue Chocolatier Rio Caribe (in front) - photo by EverJean(photo by EverJean)


According to Rogue:

“This bar bar is made with cacao from Rio Caribe. Rio Caribe is a select grade fully fermented Trinitario cacao from the area of the Paria Peninsula in Sucre State. The Paria Peninsula is located in far eastern Venezuela and nearly touches Trinidad. This incidentally is also the area where all of the regions oil operations are located. This particular lot is from a single estate, and one of the oldest family-owned cacao businesses in Venezuela. As a matter of fact, I have been told that this is more or less the only exporter that has not been ruined in recent years. I have been in direct contact with the owners for all of these months and am really glad to finally be working with them. We will be the first company in the US to put out a single origin Rio Caribe bar. To the best of my knowledge there is only one other company in the world doing a single origin of this variety (Domori). As with the other current bars, this bar will be a 70%. The flavors of this cocoa are really fun! There are really forward cocoa and coffee flavors, then deep dairy and nut flavors, and hints oranges and spices.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, Tahitian vanilla.


Rogue Chocolatier Rio Caribe reviews:


bean-to-bar blog (NEW – April 2014)

“A very pleasing bar with a warm, dark heart that won’t offend anyone and might be a perfect place to start enjoying origin chocolate. While other bars may throw more aroma changes at you, this one stays true to the taste it sets on the palate from the start. Though it is undeniable a quality chocolate bar, I like my taste profile a little bolder.” (Kris Kellens)

20°N & 20°S  –

“I liked the cherries and cedar wood the most. It’s a fairly robust bar of chocolate and to have such distinctive notes come through all the bitterness was fantastic in my opinion. ” (Candice Alström)

Chocolate Note (blog discontinued)

One Golden Ticket (Lindy Helfman, Richard Vaughan)-

Choco Files:

edition 2009 (PDF File)

edition 2011 (PDF File)

edition 2012  (PDF File)

Mostly About Chocolate –

“The rich flavour of the chocolate comes through slowly, develops over time and lasts, finishing cleanly.”  (Judith Lewis)

Lot-O-Choc –

 “It was flavourful, deep, fruity, nutty and is obviously made extremely well, if you’re a dark chocolate connoisseur I’d invest some of your money in trying this one!” (Natalie Anne Tate) 

Rogue Chocolatier online:

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