Pralus Le 100% Dark Chocolate

Pralus Le 100 Dark Chocolate - photo by Lee McCoy

(photo by Lee McCoy)


“Fresh nose, slightly minty and fruity, delicate to the taste, slightly acid.” (Pralus)


Ingredients: cocoa, pure cocoa butter.
In 2013, soy lecithin was added to the ingredients list.


Pralus 100% reviews:



“Like this bar. If you ever come across someone who doubts that chocolate is like falling in love, please refer them to a 100% bar. They’ll be unable to betray such a love.”

Chocolate Reviews

“85% – absolutely loved it”

Dark Chocolate Blog – Critical Tastings

“Pralus knows how to roast a bean, and there is no clearer example of that than the Le 100%. “

One Golden Ticket #1

“Both of us were surprised by the complete lack of bitterness.”; “Overall, neither of us especially liked the taste. “

One Golden Ticket #2

“Until recently, Le 100% had been my favorite 100% bar. Unfortunately, Pralus changed the recipe and used a roast that tastes excessive to me. It is still a good chocolate, but no longer near the top of our ranking of 100% chocolate bars”

Seventy Percent

“One should encourage Pralus not to change things but to make sure they stay exactly as they are – as a bar that embodies the essence of chocolate.” (Alex Rast, 2007)

The Food Buster

“You taste cocoa in its rawest, purest, harshest, and strongest form, yet you taste a surprising amount of subtlety in the chocolate.”

Choco Files (PDF file)

Liss Bliss

“Pralus 100% is so pure, so creamy and smooth, so subtly sweet that it makes me wonder if I could exist on this alone: chocolate and no water and no air and no sleep, but just this.”


Reviews in German: (92/100)


Pralus on the Web:

Boutique Chocolats Pralus

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