Pierre Marcolini Oriente Cuba Terru?o de Baracoa 78% Limited Edition Dark Chocolate

Pierre Marcolini Oriente Cuba Dark Chocolate (photo by Lee McCoy)

(photo by Lee McCoy)

One of “Limited Edition” chocolate bars from Pierre Marcolini (Brussels, Belgium). What’s interesting Marcolini was “the first to be allowed to import beans from Cuba since the embargo.”

Cocoa: Trinitario

Ingredients: Couverture chocolate minimum 78 % cocoa (no vegetable fat), sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla pod from Papouasie.

Pierre Marcolini Oriente Cuba Terru?o de Baracoa reviews:

Chocolate Reviews (Lee McCoy) – http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/marcolini-terruno-baracao/ (2011)

“I?ve never reviewed dark chocolate with such a pronounced cherry Bakewell Tart character than this bar. “

Seventy Percent (Alex Rast) – http://www.seventypercent.com/2011/05/marcolini-oriente-cuba-terruno-de-baracoa/ (2011)

“Succeeding where others have merely striven in vain, the frustratingly erratic Marcolini produces a masterpiece from an uncommon source. “

Mostly About Chocolate (Judith Lewis)- http://mostlyaboutchocolate.com/pierre-marcolini-limited-edition-single-origin-oriente-cuba-terruno-de-baracoa-chocolate-bar-reviewed/

“I tell you no word of a lie when I say that I loved this bar so much it brought tears to my eyes.”


Pierre Marcolini on the web:



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