Patric American Handcrafted Chocolate Rio Caribe Superior 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Patric Rio Caribe Superior - photo by Lee McCoy

(photo by Lee McCoy)

“I made this chocolate with delectable cacao from Venezuela’s Paria Peninsula. It has robust and deeply satisfying chocolate flavor with notes of fresh cream, roasted almonds, coffee, walnuts, floral notes and subtle hints of dried apricot.” 

Ingredients: Cacao, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter



Rio Caribe Superior reviews:


20n20s –

“This is very complex chocolate. It’s very robust and bitter, but has strong individual flavors. It’s like each individual flavor is an attention getter vying for your time and attention amongst the other flavors. There are fruits, but they are hard to identify with all the other strong flavors coming through. There were apricots on the nose, but hard to pinpoint on the taste.” (Candice Alström)

Chocolate Reviews –

“It actually reminds me very much of the Valrhona Ampamakia as it has a similar creamy, mango-like flavour. But this bar actually offers some more variety. There’s some pepperiness with it too and whilst the first bite of this chocolate reminded me of coffee, I don’t get that sensation with subsequent bites. Despite the variety of flavour, it still manages to be refined and contained with a similar profile.” (Lee McCoy)

One Golden Ticket –

Seventy Percent –

“One of the best interpretations of the challenging Rio Caribe bean and surely Patric’s best chocolate.” (Alex Rast)


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