Pacari Los Rios 72% Organic Chocolate

Pacari Los Rios 72%

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Pacari Los Rios 72% reviews:

Critical Tastings: Dark Chocolate blog

“This really shows the amazing potential of the Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cacao beans.” (Eric Branchaud, 2011)

KokoBuzz (2010)

One Golden Ticket (2012)

Seventy Percent

“Pacari’s strongest “regular” chocolate, but also unfortunately its least accomplished.” (Alex Rast, 2010)

“Eaten in a casual way, this might come across as too sour for some palates, and the Pacari style certainly leads us to new places on the chocolate flavour map, so expect the unexpected.” (Martin Christy, 2010)


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Bar available from in packs of 5:


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