Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest From Bolivia

Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest photo by Lee McCoy

(photo by Lee McCoy)

Here we have two distinct versions of the bar, earlier one with 68% cocoa content and current one – 60h conch, second – 66%/24h conch. Photo shows the original one.

Tasting notes: Sun-dried cranberries, melon, subtle tropical fruit notes, hints of jasmine tea, delicate yet distinct, wonderfully round flavour and long finish (source: Original Beans)

Ingredients: Directly-traded cacao beans, sugar, cacao butter.


Beni Wild Harvest 68%/60h conch reviews:


Choco Files (PDF file)

Chocolate Reviews (Lee McCoy)

” This bar was more of a Rachel Weisz of chocolate, talented, but no Oscar winner, gorgeous and sophisticated, not cheap and slutty; fairly famous but has never appeared on the Johnathon Ross show (I don’t think).”

Chocablog (Simon Michalak)


Beni Wild Harvest 66% 24h conch reviews


Mostly About Chocolate (Judith Lewis)

Seventy Percent

“Here they have clearly lived up to that promise, having produced the finest take on Beni I have tasted.  The greatest success here is in drawing out a range of notes whilst leaving intact the richly chocolatey, honeyed tones that characterise these beautiful beans.” (Stuart Robson)

“This bar may bear out the ?Original Beans? moniker ? it might be the closest thing to the original cocoa that we will try.” (Alex Rast)

“(…) a huge move forward for Bolivia and Original Beans.” (Martin Christy)

Schoggi, Schoggi, Schoggi (great photos)

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