Michel Cluizel Noir Infini 99% Dark Chocolate

Michel Cluizel Noir Infini - photo by EverJean

(photo by EverJean)

This chocolate with its long kneading process and extremely high content of cocoas, reveals deep and dense strains for connoisseurs’ palate.” (According to Michel Cluizel)

Ingredients: Cocoas (min 99%), cane sugar, Bourbon vanilla pod, orange blossom, spices.


Michel Cluizel Noir Infini reviews


” Noir Infini 99% is truly a work of art. It cannot be genuinely appreciated though until you have worked your way up the percentage ladder a bit and weaned yourself off of the sugar that keeps us gobbling up cheap chocolate bars as if there were no tomorrow.” (Katie)

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Chocolate Reviews

“This most certainly isn’t a chocolate that you’ll find yourself eating without noticing. You’ll be aware of every bite.” (Lee McCoy)

Critical Tastings

“The construction is immaculate and flavor is astounding. The Noir Infini has the richest chocolate flavor of any of the ultra-dark chocolates” (Eric Branchaud)

One Golden Ticket

Seventy Percent

“Right from the outset, Noir Infini demands attention and piques the curiosity. But not in the same way that pretty colors, fanciful packaging, and poetic embellishments attempt to achieve. No, Noir Infini’s minimalist and stark black wrapping speaks simply yet boldly of what it conceals. Quite simply, Cluizel allows the chocolate to do all the talking. “ (Hans-Peter Rot)

“The surest test of how much you like chocolate.” (Alex Rast)


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