Marou Đồng Nai 72%

Marou Dong Nai 72

Ingredients: cocoa beans & cocoa butter, cane sugar.

Bar description by Marou: “This chocolate is made with cocoa that is produced at MAROU’s own cacao fermentation and drying station near Cat Tien Natural Park in Dong Nai province, making it a very rare ‘pod-to-bar’ chocolate. This chocolate is mild with surprising notes of spice”

Marou Đồng Nai 72% reviews:

Ulimate Chocolate Blog
Bold Flavour, Great Story”; “I purchased only one bar of Marou’s, Dong Nai 72%, and I am already regretting not purchasing others.”; “lovely roasted aftertaste”
One Golden Ticket
Chocolate Wanted
Chocolate Banquet
“The bar had good balanced fruit acidity with a slight raisin flavor; however, I did not taste the cinnamon note that I enjoyed in (…) 70% Tien Giang bar.”
C-spot (subscribers only)
“A really kind, full-bodied chocolate’s chocolate.” (German)


Where to buy Marou Dong Nai and how much does it cost

Prices in United Kingdom

5.25 GBP – Chocolatiers
5.35 GBP – Chocolate Trading Co
5.50 GBP –
5.95 GBP – Grays & Feather, Cocoa Runners
6.15 GBP – Amazon UK

Prices in United States

$8.99 – Caputos Deli
$9.00 – Dark Chocolate Imports, Bar & Bean

Prices in Continental Europe

6.50 € –

Prices in Australia

10.60 AUD – Salt Meats Cheese

Prices in Singapore

S$9.00 –

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