Grenada Chocolate Company 71% Organic Dark Chocolate

Grenada 71% Organic Dark Chocolate Bar - packshot

(Photo – Grenada Chocolate Company)

One of the most inspiring chocolate companies in the world – solar-powered, transported in a sustainable way and certified organic.

This particular bar received:
– Silver Academy of Chocolate award in “Best Dark Organic Bar” category (2008)
– Bronze in “Best Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers Bar” category in 2005

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla, soy lecithin.

Grenada Chocolate Company 71% Organic Dark Chocolate reviews

One Golden Ticket

“Grenada is one of the few makers that actually presses cocoa butter from their own cacao beans.”; “71% smelled strongly of tobacco, especially from a fresh break. Some cocoa was also present in that tobacco roast. Other scents in the aroma included floral, earth, a dairy that reminded me of cheese, and sweetness.”; “The taste of 71% was initially floral, followed quickly by roast, honey sweetness, earth, and spice flavors. As the chocolate melted, I tasted berry fruit and wine, along with some bitterness and acidity.” Rated 7/10 by Richard. (2012)

Seventy Percent

“If you want to understand the flavour of Grenada, you need to try this chocolate.” (Martin Christy, 2011)

20N & 20S

“This is fantastic chocolate. This would be great to give to a chocolate expert in a blind tasting just to watch them mull it over. I personally had to take several bites of it just to think about the taste.” (2010)

Koko Buzz

“What I love about this chocolate (both vintages) is the intense coffee notes blending perfectly with a marshmallow and whipped creme sweetness that is not at all cloying.” (2010)

Koko Buzz

Overall rating: 87/100 (2009)


“Melting away very quickly, this chocolate delivers a beautifully soft, light, bittersweet set of flavours.” (Simon, 2008)

Reviews in German

92/100 (2014)

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

5.75 USD – Chocosphere
7.00 USD – The Meadow
3.85 GBP – Chocolatiers (UK)

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