Friis Holm Nicaliso 70% Pure Dark Chocolate

Friis Holm Nicaliso - photo by Lee McCoy

(photo by Lee McCoy)

Silver in “Best dark bar” category of Academy of Chocolate Awards 2011

Ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter

Friis Holm Nicaliso 70% reviews:

Chocolate Note (Casey Meshbesher) ?   link deleted, the blog does not exist anymore

Chocolate Reviews (Lee McCoy) ?

“If there?s ever a dark chocolate bar that replicates an open fire the morning after a good burn, this is it. If you?ve ever stood around a camp fire after it?s cooled down then you?ll know the aroma I get from this bar. It?s almost ?figgy? with a slight tangerine note ? similar to the Duffy Honduras bar but more in the background. If the aroma doesn?t put you in a cosy Winter?s night in, I don?t know what will.”

Seventy Percent (Stuart Robson, Alexander Rast) ?

“Another highly accomplished bar from Friis-Holm. This and the Chuno are hard to separate in terms of quality, both with lovely profiles and with some interesting similarities. The Chuno is deeper and more robust while the Nicaliso is fruitier with a greater sense of elegance. In the end it will probably come down to mood, both being highly recommendable.” (Stuart Robson)

“The flavour is, if anything, even better, starting with a very balanced chocolatey, then moving to a red-berry fruitiness, perhaps strawberry, perhaps raspberry. On the other hand, this quickly disappears, whereupon a more assertive/aggressive woodiness takes over. Finish ends on a smoother, nutty note reminiscent of walnuts, but there does remain that element of bitterness, the one thing that holds this bar back from near-perfection.” (Alex Rast)

The Faerietale Foodie ?

“As I let a chunk dissolve in my mouth I find the flavours at first quite earthy with a raisiny acidity, this quickly becomes beautifully creamy, and as the flavours deepen and move around there?s a definate bitter walnutty tang to the edges. “


Friis Holm online:




Sold exclusively by Chocolate & Love.

Beans from XOCO Fine Cocoa Company.

Probably manufactured by Chocolat Bonnat.

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  1. i’m looking forward to these people reviewing this great bar again in 2015. i’m sure the beans have changed over the years and would love to read new reviews 🙂

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