Domori Sambirano 70%

Domori Sambirano

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According to Domori: Red fruits accompanied by an agreeable sharpness. Mild and round, great persistence.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar.

Domori Sambirano 70% Single Origin Dark Chocolate reviews

Bean to bar blog

“The overall experience is light, fruitful and very pleasing. Perfect balance between body and flavor, sweetness and a superior texture. One can’t help but be drawn into the experience.” (2014)


Mostly About Chocolate

“HOLY MOTHER OF WOW! What a massive flavour!” (2011, Judith Lewis)


Critical Tastings

“powerful aroma of acidic wininess”; “seems to go all the way up to the limits of tartness for a dark chocolate”; rated A- by Eric Branchaud (2011)


Liss Bliss (2008)
Seventy Percent

69.5% (2007, Hans-Peter Rot); 79% (2007, Alex Rast)




Reviews in German

Rated 94/100 by Peter Berger


Reviews in Czech

Chvala Cokolady (2011)

Reviews in Polish

Gorzka Czekolada

Rated 91/100 by Vitelo (2011).


Where to buy and how much does it cost?

3.25 USD – Chocosphere
3.75 USD – Chocolopolis
4.80 USD – Eataly
4.95 USD – The Meadow
8.00 USD – Bona Vita Chocolates
9.99 USD – Amazon (reflink)

2.58 GBP – Chocolate Trading Co
2.83 GBP –
3.95 GBP –

2.50 EUR – Camondas
2.70 EUR – Club Del Chocolate
2.90 EUR – Winterfeldt Schokoladen

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