Domori Porcelana 70% Dark Chocolate

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In 2011, Domori Porcelana received Golden Chocolate award from Compagnia del Cioccolato. The same happened 8 years earlier. Domori Porcelana started Domori Criollo line.

Chocolate maker notes:

“Hints of bread, butter and jam for an exhilarating round palate.”

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar.


Domori Porcelana reviews:


Chocolate Reviews, Lee McCoy (2011)

“It really is superb to the extreme.”

Critical Tastings, Eric Branchaud (2011)

“Domori really captures the unique flavor of the Porcelana cacao in this dark chocolate bar. “

Schoggi, Schoggi, Schoggi (2011)

“The only bad thing I can say about this bar is its size? it’s just gone too fast!”

One Golden Ticket (2010)

“It was one of the few bars we’ve reviewed so far whose flavor lasted longer than 30 seconds after the chocolate was gone. “

Seventy Percent (2003,2005)

“Like Beethoven?s “Fuer Elise”, the chocolate is simple yet beautiful, unfolding soft and delicate notes in a procession of gentility that could hardly convey the same sensation if altered with complexity. Both resonate through the senses with sheer complacency and send you melting into total relaxation.” (Hans-Peter Rot, 2005)

“The bar that started the Porcelana craze. And completely worth the hype. Indisputably Domori’s finest chocolate and a textbook exemplar of its varietal. Delicate, subtle, a beautiful chocolate. A worthy anchor at the top of the line of one of the best chocolate manufacturers in the world.” (Alex Rast, 2005)

Reviews in German

Where to buy and how much does it cost

3.95 GBP on (UK)
12.70 USD on

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2 responses to “Domori Porcelana 70% Dark Chocolate”

  1. What would be the major difference between Domori Porcelana 70% and Amedei Porcelana 70%? I am interested in tasting a 100% pure criollo. And I know they are hard to find.

    I tasted a criollo bar I found a few years back at my local Trader Joe’s store – they carried it for one year and stopped. The packaging on those bars included the word “Ocumare” and “Criollo” and “Venezuela.” I thought at the time that I had found a pure criollo bar, but recently I have found that the term “Ocumare” refers to a criollo/trinitario blend. If this is true, then I have never actually tasted a 100% pure criollo.

    So the search continues. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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