Domori Chuao (Hacienda San Jose) 70%

Domori Chuao

Best Single-Origin Chocolate of 2012 according to La Compagnia del Cioccolato

Chocolate maker notes

“An extremely rare variety of Criollo cacao, grown at Hacienda San José since 2002. The beans, which are completely white, give the chocolate an incredible roundness and sweetness, with notes of milk cream, honey and nuts.”

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar.

Reviews of Domori Chuao, newest on top


“Great, intense, sweet and woody aroma of vanilla, banana, coffee and milk, dates and almonds….The structure it’s the typical one of Domori, with a clean “snap” and a structure which begins crunchy and that after just very few seconds it becomes incredibly smooth and creamy, and almost resinous like acacia honey. It completely seems to hang on your mouth for so long….It starts to dance with a moderate and sweet taste, which immediately become bitter just for an instant, and than it further spreads in your mouth like a river out of its bed with a sweetish and sour taste, like honey, red fruits and citrus, with little and random hints of flowers and plums.”



Featured in lovely comparison called “A Tale of One Village and Five Chocolates: Your Guide to the Chocolate of Chuao”. Must read.


Mostly About Chocolate

“I would quite happily eat the rest of this chuao but not necessarily buy it again.”
Judith Lewis, 02.2012


Chocolate Reviews

“Unlike the Idilio Origins Finca Torres this bar has an aroma that seems to me to be a molecular copy of vinegar, only more muted. The melt is lengthy and punctuated by the odd wisp of flavour akin to a solar flare. The problem is that there’s not a huge amount going on there. There’s a whole heap of caramel and liquorice but insufficient to put anywhere even in the realms of the other Chuao bars I’ve reviewed. There is only the slightest acidity at the tip of my tongue – but nothing more.”; “68% – like opening up a Christmas present you thought was going to be a Breitling and then realise it’s only a Swatch”
Lee McCoy, 11.2011


Critical Tastings

“Domori has once again impressed me with their take on the legendary Chuao cacao. The end result is wonderfully complex, but unmistakably Domori. The finish and complex caramel and honey undertones are reminiscent of a milk chocolate, while the jamminess is signature Domori. This is great stuff and well worth searching out if you don’t have easy access to it in your local area.”


One Golden Ticket

“In comparison with the other Chuaos we’ve reviewed, Domori fits in as 4th: Amedei, Bonnat, Coppeneur, Domori, Amano”


Seventy Percent

“I doubt this will be taken as the reference for Chuao, being as it is so much more creamy and mellow than we are often told these beans can be; there is little doubt however that this is a beautiful take on any variety.”
Stuart Robson, 02.2011


“How, then, does it compare against the definitive reference from Amedei? A bit like the reverse position on the other “elite” chocolate: Porcelana. As most ardent chocolate-lovers will know, Domori originated the wave of excitement for Porcelana with their definitive flagship chocolate – which to this day remains the best of the numerous Porcelanas out there. Amedei came in with a distinctive and excellent alternative, that, if not perhaps quite as good as Domori’s, was still by any standard a superb chocolate. So it goes here. Amedei must still take the honours for the best, most representative Chuao around, but Domori offers an intriguing and worthy alternative.”
Alex Rast, 09.2010


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Reviews in Italian


Chocolate Italy

Gambero Rosso (Amedei Chuao vs. Domori Chuao)


Reviews in German (2014, 96 points)


Where to buy and how much does it cost

4.10 EUR – (Germany)
5.50 USD – Caputos Deli (US)
6.95 USD – New Leaf Chocolates (US)
7.95 USD – The Meadow (US)
8.95 USD – (US)
12.70 (US)

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