Domori Apurimac 70%

Domori Apurimac

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar.

Single origin Peruvian bar, made in Italy.
World finalist in 2012 International Chocolate Awards.

Domori Apurimac reviews


“It’s always impressive to realize how well the structure of Domori can be. It really seems they have compressed their bar with a zip software. Once in mouth, the unzipping process takes place and it literally explodes. the taste is first sweet, than suddenly bitter, than sweet again, and than it closes with a little bit of acidity and astringency which is a bit too much above the average, especially during the aftertaste. ” (reviewed in 2013)

Chocolate Ratings

“Apurimac is one of those more gentle 70% chocolates I sometimes recommend for people just experimenting with the higher percentages. Its delicacy and creaminess make it a great choice for a chocolate tasting; especially, when paired against something more assertive, like Askinosie’s bars.” (2009)

Liss Bliss

Reviewed in 2008. “This was an absolute hit. I would definitely invest in the Apurimac again and recommend it highly to others.”

Choco Files (PDF file)

Reviewed in 2008. “Very strong red wine! (That I don’t like.)”

Seventy Percent

Two reviews from 2006 and 2007.

Reviews in Italian


Reviews in German

Schokolade Blog

Reviews in Czech

Chvala Cokolady

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

3.75 USD – Caputos Deli (US)
5.00 USD – Cocova (US)
8.00 USD – Amazon

11.00 PLN – sklep Sekrety Czekolady (Poland)

2.50 EUR – Vidamo (Germany)
2.90 EUR – Winterfeldt-Schokoladen (Germany)

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