Domori 70% Rio Caribe Dark Chocolate

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According to The Nibble “Somewhat tart throughout; but the berry, citrus, and almond flavors lend a unique sharpness to this chocolate”.

Domori Rio Caribe – 2008 edition

Choco Files (review in PDF file)

“Overpowering red wine (that I don’t care for). The red wine intensifies at the end and turns into an unpleasant chemical taste that made it hard to even finish.”

Liss Bliss

“It’s just pure smooth creamy joy”


Domori Rio Caribe – 2009 edition

Chocolate Reviews

“Its certainly one for those that like to try something a little bit different.” (Lee McCoy)


Domori Rio Caribe – 2010 edition

Seventy Percent

“Domori have produced a quite masterful take on this variety, Rio Caribe at its best; a deeply enjoyable bar showing a complex array of heady, full bodied flavours that are at once bold and complex, yet somehow soothing and melodious.”  (Stuart Robson)


Domori Rio Caribe – 2012 edition

Seventy Percent (Georg Bernardini)

 “With this chocolate Domori mark a benchmark for chocolate made with beans from Rio Caribe. The chocolate united all the best from what you expect from a high (world) class chocolate. It worth any penny of the price.” (Georg Bernardini)


Non-English reviews:

Chvála čokolády (in Czech, edition 2011)

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