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  • Rogue Chocolatier Rio Caribe 70% Dark Chocolate

    (photo by EverJean)   According to Rogue: “This bar bar is made with cacao from Rio Caribe. Rio Caribe is a select grade fully fermented Trinitario cacao from the area of the Paria Peninsula in Sucre State. The Paria Peninsula is located in far eastern Venezuela and nearly touches Trinidad. This incidentally is also the […]

  • Rogue Chocolatier Sambirano 70% Dark Chocolate

    (photo by EverJean) “Single-Origin Chocolate from the Sambirano Valley in Madagascar. This growing region?s trees are derived from Venezuelan stock, but due to terrior and processing, has a remarkably different flavor. It has been carefully roasted, ground, refined, and conched to perfection in small batches. Bright flavors of plums, citrus, berry, and cedar are found […]

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