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  • Amedei Blanco de Criollo 70% Extra Dark Chocolate

    Recently awarded by Academy of Chocolate – 2013 Golden Bean. Chocolate maker notes: “The new chocolate Amedei has a scent of wild berries and wild mushrooms, alternated with a hint of dried plum and toasted almonds.” Cacao variety controversy: probably none of the used cacao beans are really of “criollo” variety. Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane […]

  • Amedei CRU Mono Origine Venezuela 70% Extra Dark Chocolate

    (photo –    Amedei Venezuela reviews Seventy Percent  (describes neapolitans, 2005) Koko Buzz (bar, 2011) Rated 89/100 District Chocoholic (bar, 2011) “No flavor is overwhelming, and the bar is just sweet enough to prevent the citrus notes from being overly sour. Balanced and smooth. Divine. “ One Golden Ticket (bar, 2011) (rated 8.0 and 8.5 in 10 points […]

  • Amedei 9 75% Dark Chocolate

    (photo – Amedei) Academy of Chocolate award – The Golden Bean 2009. Best bean to bar dark — According to Amedei: — Aromas: Fresh aroma of cacao and hot chocolate. A pervasive, full-flavoured chocolate with positive notes of forest undergrowth and superior woods. Taste: A decisive snap, slightly acid in which the aromas develop around notes […]

  • Amedei Chuao 70% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar

    (photo by EverJean) 2008 ACADEMY OF CHOCOLATE awards – GOLD in BEAN-TO-BAR category (ex aequo) 2007 ACADEMY OF CHOCOLATE awards – GOLD in BEAN-TO-BAR category (top marks) 2006 ACADEMY OF CHOCOLATE awards – GOLD in BEST DARK CHOCOLATE BAR category   “The ancient cocoa bean, cultivated on the Venezuelan Chuao peninsula, is the gold of […]

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