Bonnat Porcelana 75%

Bonnat Porcelana 75

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Ingredients: cacao mass, cacao butter, cane sugar.

Bonnat Porcelana 75% reviews

Little Brown Squares (2014)

“something you would buy in a chocolate shop in 1920’s Paris.”; 4.75/5

Mostly About Chocolate (2013)

“This is a gorgeous bar and a wonderful chocolate that I immediately placed in my handbag and have been nibbling ever since. The extremely mild chocolate means there is no bitterness, despite the slightly higher percentage and the extreme chocolaty-ness means you get a brilliant chocolate flavour even if you aren’t aware of the other tasting notes.”

One Golden Ticket (2011)

9.5; 8.5

One Golden Ticket (2010)

9.5; 8.5

Choco Files (2010, PDF file)


Cocoa Content (2008)


Chocolate Ratings (2008)

“What was it missing? Complexity and depth.”

Seventy Percent (2008)


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Where to buy and how much does it cost?

21.95 USD – WorldWideChocolate, Chocolopolis
24.95 USD – At the Meadow
25.00 USD – Cocova

7.5 EUR – Chocolism (France)
8.99 EUR – Berliner Kafferoesterei (Germany)

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