Author: Piotr Krzciuk

  • Academy of Chocolate Awards 2021 – full results list

    BARS Tree To Bar GOLD Limited Chocolate LLC Hawaii Kalaoa 73% Dark SILVER 1919 Chocolate 62% Dark Chocolate CHOCOPUNTO 70% tree to bar ZORZAL CHOCOPUNTO 100% tree to bar ZORZAL Gaston Chocolat Gaston Chocolat Dark 70% Hey Fun Chocolate 90% Dark Chocolate Kanvela Chocolate Co. Lt. Kanvela 70% Thailand Origin The Grenada Chocolate Company 100% […]

  • Academy of Chocolate 2016 – open for entries!

    If you are an ambitious chocolate maker, it’s time to fill the form and send samples for the most important competition in the world of fine chocolate.

  • Academy of Chocolate Awards 2015 – the results are in!

    Congratulations to all these dreamers and visionaries who make the world a better place – for farmers, for retailers and all the other people in the cocoa value chain, including, of course, chocoholics.  It’s time to celebrate. Academy of Chocolate published the winners list of the most important awards in the fine chocolate universe. Below are […]

  • Marou Đồng Nai 72%

    Ingredients: cocoa beans & cocoa butter, cane sugar. Bar description by Marou: “This chocolate is made with cocoa that is produced at MAROU’s own cacao fermentation and drying station near Cat Tien Natural Park in Dong Nai province, making it a very rare ‘pod-to-bar’ chocolate. This chocolate is mild with surprising notes of spice” Marou […]

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