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Artisan du Chocolat Vietnam Dark Bar Reviews


In the reviews, you may observe the evolution of this bar since 2010.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin.
45g bar.

According to Artisan du Chocolat:
“(…) We chose well fermented and dried beans that morph into a silky chocolate with notes of raisin and oats. Surprisingly mellow at the start, this chocolate melts with a long and slightly peppery bitter finish. (…)”

Artisan du Chocolat Vietnam Dark Chocolate reviews

Seventy Percent

“This experiment needs more gestation period before it’s ready to try again”. 56% (2010, Alex Rast)

“Overall: 83.2% – I want more!” (2010, Lee McCoy)

Chocolate News, 2011 (The Meadow)

Choco Files

Total Score: 69. Reviewed in 2011. (PDF File!)


“Chocolate geek chocolate. The kind that sit there with a pad and pen and write notes while they preform retro-olfaction and nod their heads at one and other and furrow their eyebrows in silent agreement as if they figured out some long lost secret”. 92.6 / B+ (2012, Candice Alström)

Reviews in German

Reviewed in 2013. (83/100)

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

4.99 USD – Caputos Deli
5.99 USD – World Wide Chocolate
3.50 GBP – Artisan du Chocolat