Artisan du Chocolat Vietnam Dark Bar Reviews

Artisan du Chocolat Vietnam Bar


In the reviews, you may observe the evolution of this bar since 2010.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin.
45g bar.

According to Artisan du Chocolat:
“(…) We chose well fermented and dried beans that morph into a silky chocolate with notes of raisin and oats. Surprisingly mellow at the start, this chocolate melts with a long and slightly peppery bitter finish. (…)”

Artisan du Chocolat Vietnam Dark Chocolate reviews

Seventy Percent

“This experiment needs more gestation period before it’s ready to try again”. 56% (2010, Alex Rast)

“Overall: 83.2% – I want more!” (2010, Lee McCoy)

Chocolate News, 2011 (The Meadow)

Choco Files

Total Score: 69. Reviewed in 2011. (PDF File!)


“Chocolate geek chocolate. The kind that sit there with a pad and pen and write notes while they preform retro-olfaction and nod their heads at one and other and furrow their eyebrows in silent agreement as if they figured out some long lost secret”. 92.6 / B+ (2012, Candice Alström)

Reviews in German

Reviewed in 2013. (83/100)

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

4.99 USD – Caputos Deli
5.99 USD – World Wide Chocolate
3.50 GBP – Artisan du Chocolat

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  1. Ahhh yes, L’Artisan du Chocolat. I think the thing that stands out about L’Artisan is that the chalocotes are superb (not quite Paul Young or William Curley), and the prices are competitive for that standard of chocolate; which is probably why 9/10 we choose L’Artisan when buying gifts for friends because we can get them a lot of chocolate for a bit less money.Was introduced to this shop and others by Jennifer from Chocolate Ecstasy Tours. I would give L’Artisan 8/10 stars but because I think their prices are reasonable, I’m giving 9/10.What you need to try?Any of their O’s, Salted caramels (make great gifts) and their house truffles.

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