Amedei 9 75% Dark Chocolate

Amedei 9

(photo – Amedei)

Academy of Chocolate award – The Golden Bean 2009. Best bean to bar dark

According to Amedei:
Aromas: Fresh aroma of cacao and hot chocolate. A pervasive, full-flavoured chocolate with positive notes of forest undergrowth and superior woods.
Taste: A decisive snap, slightly acid in which the aromas develop around notes of citrus and sweet toasted almond

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla

Amedei 9 reviews

20°N & 20°S (Candice Alström)

One Golden Ticket

Seventy Percent

Choco Files (PDF file)

Reviews in German

Schokolade Blog (95/100)

Where to buy and how much does it cost

9.70 EUR in Amedei online shop
18.99 USD on

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