Amano Ocumare Milk Chocolate

Amano Ocumare Milk

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Silver award from Academy of Chocolate in 2011 (Best Milk Bean to Bar category).
Bronze award from Academy of Chocolate in 2009 (Best Milk Chocolate Bar category).


The Chocolate Maker’s Notes:

When I buy cocoa beans, I have the opportunity to visit a wondrous array of communities that are far from the beaten path. Ocumare is one of them. Ox-cart width streets lined with colonial houses testify to Ocumare’s long history. Ocumare’s cocoa has been highly prized and exported since at least the 1600’s. The people of Ocumare are gentle and humble; whose culture is a mix of Indigenous and Spanish with influences from the Caribbean. I greatly enjoy my time in Ocumare visiting with its people, telling stories, sharing our chocolate and enjoying their cocoa.

It is hard labor intensive work growing cocoa. Each time I make chocolate from these wondrous beans, I always think of the time that I spend in Ocumare and of the hard work that its humble farmers put into growing and preparing them for me. The least I can do is to try to honor their efforts with vision, care, and love.” (source – Amano)

Ingredients: cocoa beans, whole milk powder, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole vanilla beans.


Amano Ocumare Milk Chocolate reviews

The Ultimate Chocolate Blog (2011)

“There is a nice strong flavour to the milk chocolate, with a bitterness that is reminiscent of dark chocolate but milky and sweet all at the same time. With a slightly woodsy smell and taste, this chocolate could easily be a favourite milk chocolate of mine from here on forward.”


Chocolate Reviews (2011)

“But the problem with this bar is not only the saccharine aroma but also the flavour of this bar comes across as forced and unbalanced.”; “Although the chocolate snob within me wishes I would turn my nose up and refuse to eat more than a single piece, the base, chocolate lover in me needs the chemical fix which this bar offers. As a chocolate addict that has abstained for a couple of days this is a morphine-like substitute to the real disgusting cheap chocolate habit that lies within all of us – admit it!”


Seventy Percent (2009)

Rated 82.5% by Alex Rast. “Perhaps the lone unfortunate quality is the low percentage: the result is inevitably very sweet and one wonders how much better this might be upped to a higher percentage – 50% or so. At that range it might compete with Cluizel’s superb Mangaro, still unassailable among milk chocolates. Nonetheless, this is a very fine chocolate indeed and a realistic option for those who prefer very mild milk chocolates.”


Candyblog (2009)

“The milk is pretty low on the list and looking at the bar it’s pretty easy to see that, it’s a rather dark bar, darker looking than some actual dark chocolates.”


Also mentioned on Chocablog together with other milk bar from Amano.

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

6.95 USD – Amano web shop
6.95 USD – NewLeaf Chocolates
6.99 USD –
8.00 USD – Cocova

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