Amano 70% Madagascar Dark Chocolate

Amano Madagascar(photo: Amano)

2009 Academy of Chocolate Awards – GOLD in best bean to bar dark category

2008 Academy of Chocolate Awards – BRONZE in best bean to bar dark category

“The quality of chocolate is influenced by time and place. Flavor changes with the seasons and is intricately tied to the soil and climate. At the turn of the century, Criollo cacao trees were brought from Venezuela to the island of Madagascar. We craft this chocolate from beans from the offspring of those trees. The mild chocolate character comes from the trees’ Venezuelan heritage. The hints of citrus come from Madagascar’s soil and climate and are unique to beans from Madagascar. The marriage results in an extraordinary chocolate you will love.” (description on the bar)

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Pure cane sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole vanilla beans.

Cocoa beans from Sambirano Valley, Madagascar (single estate).


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